Frequently asked questions about floors and trading conditions.

At we really want to make it easy for our customers to shop with us.

We have therefore collected a number of the most common questions in flooring and trading conditions :

Purchase of goods

We recommend that you before you make a purchase read carefully about the terms of trade here: terms is it possible to pick up your order at your address?

Answer: No, because the product is generally delivered directly from our supplier’s Woodpecker warehouse in England to your delivery address. And only a few times since we have bought ordered goods in advance, it will be possible to pick up your ordered goods at our address in Esbjerg.

Can I get a track number on my order?

Answer:  If your order is sent with a tracking and tracing number, you will receive a separate e-mail with this when your order is sent.

Was there an invoice from Woodpecker in the package when my order was delivered?

Answer: That’s correct – we will send your invoice, as a PDF file, to your email address once we have received your order, while the item is delivered directly from our supplier Woodpecker in England to your delivery address and you will receive an invoice from Woodpecker included in the package.

Do you give a price guarantee on your goods?

Answer:  We have the best prices on the market, but unfortunately we can not offer a 100% price guarantee, but of course we always keep an eye on our prices and adjust them continuously to be competitive.

Do you also install floors?

Answer: No, we do not install installations, but we encourage our customers to install the purchased floors with our installation instructions. You will find them by installation and treatment it is best to use professional flooring companies.

Am I experiencing an error when I try to buy something on your site?

Answer:  Always try again from another browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). Also keep in mind that some workplaces may have blocked certain items, which can sometimes prevent a purchase from being completed. If you consistently experience errors, we recommend that you try again from another computer. Of course, you are also very welcome to contact our customer service by emailing us to hear if there are any urgent problems with our website.

Can I as a private person buy goods on the invoice?

Answer:   I always issue invoices (except when you buy directly via our online store because you receive an e-mail confirmation with invoice description for the purchased goods) for certain customers because some customers prefer to pay by bank transfer and for all ordered goods We must receive advance payment from customers because our supplier always requires 100% advance payment for the entire order, therefore we are also obliged to do the same to get bamboo products delivered to our customers without delay.

Delivery and receipt of goods

How fast do you ship my order?

Answer: We order to deliver goods directly from our supplier’s warehouse in England after we have received an advance payment from the customer. The general delivery time for our goods is 5-15 working days as all goods are shipped from England only after our manufacturer Woodpecker received your order money from us. All items displayed on are in the manufacturer’s warehouse in England ready for delivery to the customer, and items sold in general are therefore not displayed.

How do I check that the shipment is not damaged?

Answer: Since all goods are sent directly from our manufacturer’s warehouse in England, the customer is responsible for checking if the delivery is damaged or if there is moisture content, color differences, etc. Therefore, the customer must make sure to check the packages. So it is probably if you just check that the delivered packages are not damaged, opened or damp while of course it is only your responsibility and determination how to get the checked packages delivered.

An item I received seems to have been damaged during transport?

Answer:   Upon receipt of the floor, check if the quantity and product is in accordance with the ordered and check if the product has been transported, if necessary, inform the driver immediately. If you see that the shipment was significantly damaged when it was delivered to you, you must refuse the receipt and return the truck driver to the shipment.

If some of the goods are damaged, the customer can find out what to do in the Terms and Conditions by clicking here  and read the section on: If goods are damaged. Letters to request damaged goods are replaced.

Sometimes a damaged item is only discovered when the truck is driven again, and in these cases it is important that you immediately advertise our customer service. If you do not advertise directly, you may risk the complaint being rejected.

What guarantee is there for floor quality?

Answer: Our manufacturer Woodpecker has stated the guarantee for high quality on all their bamboo floors according to the European quality standard CE collar and guarantee laws.

Is it possible to have an  express delivery   delivered?

Answer: We can offer special delivery methods, including express delivery, so that the order is shipped from our manufacturer’s external warehouse in England as soon as possible and will usually be delivered within 3-5 working days. Please note that for express delivery, we charge additional amounts.

Storage rule on receipt
Remember to place the packages in a heated room (approx. 18-20 degrees) with a relative humidity of 45-65% where they must be stored at least 1-2 days before installation.

FAQ: All about bamboo flooring

Are bamboo floors as hard and durable as other types of floors?

Absolutely, all bamboo floors are durable and thus get up to 25 years warranty. Usually often pressed or then pressed bamboo g wolf is even a little harder than oak, pine and other woods so the floor will last a very long time. In addition, all Woodpecker bamboo floors have a very thick top layer, which means that the floor can be sanded several times over time if desired.

Is bamboo an environmentally friendly choice? Are bamboo forests felled for the production of bamboo floors?

Actual cutting of bamboo is the most important ecological argument that makes bamboo and wood so unique. Every year, the mother plant develops many new wood bamboo stems that grow up to 20 feet in just a few months. From there, it takes about five years to get the necessary hardness to use in sustainable products. Therefore, in a well-kept, mature bamboo and wood plantation, you can harvest the 5-year-old stems every year and at the same time keep the size of the forest intact.

Is the panda bear threatened by the manufacture of wood and bamboo flooring?

Not at all. It should be understood that pandas (both the little panda and the giant panda) live in the mountainous areas of central China, where they mainly use the lower species of bamboo as the main food source. Thus, they live far away from the areas where the giant bamboo species that Woodpecker uses to make bamboo floors grow. In addition, they are Woodpecker bamboo species that are not even recognized as food by pandas. So the production of Woodpecker bamboo flooring poses absolutely no danger to the panda!

What is beach-woven bamboo flooring?

Beach-woven bamboo is a special type of bamboo floor where raw bamboo strips are compressed under high pressure to create a floor with a hardness superior to tropical woods. Beach-woven bamboo floors have an elegant random pattern that many customers appreciate. Our manufacturer Woodpecker uses the term “high density” for its beach-woven bamboo flooring and offers this style in most of its product groups.

What are charred bamboo floors?

Charred wood and bamboo flooring is the term for bamboo flooring made from strips that are steamed to get a light brown color.