Order samples of floors and other products

It can be difficult to decide on a particular model  without having seen the physical flooring product for the desired model. Therefore, you can easily order samples from us on all our floor models. 

If you want to order from us, we will therefore send you samples of all models you want

Samples of floors and other construction products

Free trial version is available to order. The sample allows you to label the bamboo tree of high quality and see its beautiful rich markings. We strive to send the sample within a day so you do not have to wait long.

Please note that the samples and shipping are only free for 1 pc. only you have to pay for shipping costs. If you want more samples of other floor models, it costs EUR 5.00 each, plus shipping costs.

The samples are ordered on the desired bamboo floor and / or building material model by filling in the form below


Remember to write the following information to us:

  • Species. (all products have code / number)
  • Flooring product models number or floor type names.
  • Name, address, e-mail, possible telephone number, etc.

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                         You can also write directly to  our e-mail address: info@venifloor.byg-ecohome.dk or just call for more information for our customer service tel: +45 50474270